Top English learning tips for busy students

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One of the best ways to learn English is to practice it every day. I understand that life gets busy and on some days it can seem difficult to find the time to log into your EF English Live account and take a class or complete a new lessons. However, there are many other simple ways to fit some English learning into your daily life, even on the busiest of days.

1. Plan your errands in English – Do you have a lot on your to-do list for tomorrow? Well, think about these tasks in English. This will help you practice the future tense and the correct verbs. For example: “I need to go to the bank” or “I need to write my paper.”

2. Practice English while commuting – If you have to drive to work or school every day, or even if you take public transportation, then you have lots of time to practice your English. For instance, if you drive, think about the directions you need to take in English. For example, “I need to turn right at the next light.” This will help you practice giving and understanding directions in English.

3. Listen to one English song everyday – Here’s a simple and fun task that is really worth it. Listen to one English song and try to understand the meaning of the song. When you are just beginning to learn English, simply try to understand the overall meaning of the song. As you become more advanced, try to understand the different words in the song. This will help introduce you to new accents and English slang. Also, it will teach you a little more about the culture.

4. Speak English before going to sleep – This is my favorite recommendation for students. Every day, before going to sleep, think about what you did today and what things you need to do tomorrow. This will help you practice the past tense when you remember everything that you did, and it will help you practice the future tense when you think about what you need to do.

Now you have four quick ways to help you practice English more often. Doing these little activities daily can help you keep English fresh in your mind.

So how do you practice your English every day?

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