Improve your English in 3 minutes a day!

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Maybe you’ve been planning to study English. Or maybe you just want to improve your skills. But you’ve been putting it off. It takes so much work, and you don’t have the time. Or do you? What if it was possible to improve your English in just three minutes a day? Would you believe it?

Well, believe it! With EF English Live’s convenient daily lesson, you can improve your English in three minutes a day. Start by clicking on “your daily English lesson” on this page, and bookmark the site. Whenever you get online, make it a habit to go straight to the lesson. It only takes three minutes, so no excuses! For even more convenience, sign up for Email English at Test IELTS to have the free daily lesson delivered to your email inbox.

So what can you expect in each lesson?

Listen to a dialogue

If you want to improve your comprehension and pronunciation, nothing compares to hearing native English speakers speaking English! Everyday you’ll get a new dialogue on a different topic presented by native English speakers. Click the play button and listen. Stop, pause, rewind, fast-forward as many times as you want. Read along. Both the dialogue script and translation are included, so you can follow them to check your comprehension and read it aloud, too.

Learn new vocabulary

Keywords related to the day’s topic are highlighted in each lesson. Each word or term includes a definition and an audio file so you can listen to the correct pronunciation. Repeat the words until your pronunciation is perfect!

Conversation Class

Of course, the more you practice English, the faster you’ll improve. If you’re a registered EF English Live student, the final step is an online conversation class. After you listen to the dialogue and learn the new words, you can talk about the day’s topic with a native English-speaking teacher and a small group of students on your same skill level. Classes are offered every hour, 24-hours a day. So even the busiest person can find a convenient time to practice! Try it for free by going to Test IELTS and signing up for the special offer. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

What is your English level?

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